Thursday, April 30

Anime Game Song(*^・ェ・)ノ

Reni's Favorites song iiis SOUSEI NO AKUERION now.....( ´∀`)つ

That is Anime Game Song(*^・ェ・)ノ. The lyrics is

"From Billion year and 2000 years ago I love you!!
past about 8000 years, I miss you more"

It's Crazy( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
but I like this lyrics.。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚

Wednesday, April 29

sing songs (・◇・)ゞ

Reni sings following songs at the next concert

Tamasi no rufuran From Evangelion

Glamorous Sky From NANA

Beautiful World From Evangelion

Hana☆maru Sensation From Kodomo no jikan

Ramu no Love song From Urusei yatura

Good Request(・◇・)ゞThank younyaaaaan(*´Д`*)

May 3rd (・◇・)ゞ

Reni thinks (*・ω・)ノ
my next concert will have less people(*^・ェ・)ノ

because it's on the same day as SAKURAMATURI(・◇・)ゞ
So Reni will remember all friends' names who come to May 3rd concert

Reni's fans are my sweetheart(* ̄∇ ̄*)エヘヘ

And please remember Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ I will not have a concert in Jun. So a show after this concert will be on July 5th (・∀・)つ

I am making Reni's new songs and fan goodsヾ(´ω`=´ω`)ノ
Hope you like it

Monday, April 27

Perfect weather today!!

Hello hellooooo

It is difficult to memorize English names For Reni(*´Д`*)

Buuuut(`□´)!I will try my best((#`皿´) ムキーーーー!  ̄‥ ̄)=3 フン

Reni made notebook(of Hello kitty)

The name is

Memorizing English name note bookオオーw(*゚o゚*)w

So straight......∑( ̄ロ ̄|||)

Thank you Mont Clair University!!

Reni is feeling good today.。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚

I got standing ovation yesterday(・∀・)

Reni will keep going(・∀・)つ


Support YOROSIKU ONEGAISI-masu☆゚+.☆゚+.☆゚+.☆゚+.

Saturday, April 25

ChibiCon2009@Montclair State University


I am singiiiiing tody(´▽`)

Reni hopes to see electric encounter (*'-'*)

ChibiCon2009@Montclair State University

It's a nice day today!!-nyan nyan(*^・ェ・)ノ

I had peach juice




Tomorrow Reni is singing in

ChibiCon2009@Montclair State University ヾ(´ω`=´ω`)ノ

It will be nice!
Peace2v( ̄∇ ̄)v

Friday, April 24


Reni feels good todaaaay...

Reni was given a seat on the subwayヾ(´ω`=´ω`)ノ

I love New York!!(*'-'*)

because every one iiiiiiis so kind.。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚

Wednesday, April 22

Reni studies english

Reni is having fuuuuuun with learning English(*゚∀゚)っ

Interestin goooood!!w(゚o゚)w オオー!

Shops that I put flyers

Shops that I put flyersオオーw(*゚o゚*)w

Toy Tokyo (7th street 2av 2F)

Image Anime (30street 7,8av)

Midtown comics(40street 7av 2F)
(45street Lexingtonav)

Kinokuniya (40,41st 6av)


Thank you(*'-'*)

Tuesday, April 21

Perfectオオーw(*゚o゚*)w 4/21

It's raininguuuu(*・ω・)ノ

but Reni is fine!!(屮゚Д゚)屮 カモーン

I have new Flyers( ´∀`)つ

It's a new design and has a new illustrationオオーw(*゚o゚*)w

What to eat?? 4/20

Today I have nothing to write abouttttttt( ̄∇ ̄)v

If I have to say something,(´▽`)
Reni is hungryyyy(●´ω`●)

nyan nyan

How are you???Reni is good!! 4/19

Now I watch anime "ourangakuen hosuto bu"(・∀・)

Reni likes something that has nothing to do with Men, women, children, adults, and race( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

Reni liiiiiikes cute and sweeeeeeeets(´▽`)

That's all(・∀・)

Spring にゃりnyari.。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚4/18

Reni is sleepyy(_´Д`) アイーン

Here comes spring-nyaaa...( ´∀`)つ

Reni is free from all care-narinari.(*^・ェ・)ノ。o○.。o○.。o○.。o○

Handkerchief ready!4/17


so touching...Hankyyyyyyy。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。(ρ゚∩゚) グスン

My boom Anime!! 4/16

My boom Anime(´・ω・`)

Now, Reni likes KODOMO NO JIKAN。。。(=゚ω゚)人(゚ω゚=)ぃょぅ!!

Girls wear cute costumes
Reni wants that cute outfit( ´∀`)つ

Reni's limits??? 4/15

Yesterday Reni's dinner was cupcakes...(゚∀゚)アヒャヒャ

!!!川 ̄_ゝ ̄)ノ 4 cupcakes(≧ヘ≦)

That's a limit.


Anison 4/14

I am picking up ....(*・ω・)ノ(。・ω・)ノ゙
Anime songs

Reni is having hard time....∑q|゚Д゚|p∑(`□´/)/

Hello Kitty!! 4/13

Today I ride a cable car .....(*゚∀゚)っ

And I found SANRIO shop(kitty's shop 42st 7av)('▽'*)ニパッ♪

Reni had fun( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

It is my holiday(*・ω・)ノ

Saturday, April 11


The cherry blossoms bloom。。。。

It remind Reni Japan。。。(*´ェ`*)

Reni had a hair cut today。。。v( ̄∇ ̄)v

Done by a Japanese stylist-san dasudasu....

He it's great to have....

blaaaack and straigggght hair!!


AKIHABARA("AKI"HA"BA"RA) Moeee feeling!(*´Д`*)

His name is Akira Okano san.


He is visitting NYC on business.

Thank you!!....and peace!.。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚

Friday, April 10

SKYLIGHT DINER.。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚

Today, Reni will go to Skylight Diner on 34st + 9ave!!!


It is an Anime party....!.。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚

Thursday, April 9


Reni has discovered......∑(=゚ω゚=;)

A OICHIIIII (delicious!) cupkaaaaakes shop(*´Д`*)


Full of Creeeeeam .。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚(´∀`*)

Wednesday, April 8


Hello helloooo(。・ω・)ノ゙

Reni's concert was successful(*'-'*)

I will have loooooooots of chocolaaaaate.。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚

Waaaaaaiii Waaaaaii@@@@

Tuesday, April 7


KIZUNA "BOND" in Japanese.。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚

It's a feeling that Reni and YOU have in our heart....

Can YOU feel it.....?(´∀`*)

Monday, April 6


I was mooooooved today....

Reni cried。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。

Because, everyone (over 70 of American OTAKUuuu)support


It's like Moeeeee!!!!!

Reni is not lonely....ヽ(・ε・)人(・ε・)ノ friends

I will GANBARIMASU(・◇・)ゞ


Sunday, April 5



Today, I will sing at school!!

It is a presentation(・ω・ノ)ノ

Tomorrow at 5pm, Reni's maid show-nari! (*゚▽゚*k

Saturday, April 4


My naaame is Reni.....

I'm japaneeeeeseand NADESIKO......

Reni is a cosplay Idol singer(*´∇`*)

moe もえ nyan にゃん(*^・ェ・)ノ

Reni's favorite color is piiiiink.。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚....

Reni's favorite anime is Chobits-nariiii!!!w(゚o゚)w オオー!

I will watch Chobits DVDs in English,

and Reni will study Englishヾ(´ω`=´ω`)ノ

Friday, April 3


April 5th, Reni's Concert-nali

I waaaant people to dance with Reni if you canヾ(´ω`=´ω`)ノ


Thursday, April 2

APRIL 5TH(☆゚∀゚)

The concert is coming up soon...

How many friends will Reni see again there....?(☆゚∀゚)

Wednesday, April 1

MOEEE(*´ェ`*). .

My hair is getting longer,

I bought a bear-chan barrette(*´∇`*). . .

I like it 'cause it's a casualy-cuty!(*´ェ`*). .